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Actor Training Reimagined 

Join the rebellion. Dare to be different, collaborate and create.

Actor training for all experience levels   

We teach emerging practices and techniques that put actors at the forefront and prepare you for everything the industry might throw at you.


No matter what stage you’re at, you’ll feel empowered to take risks, learn from mistakes and become the actor you’re destined to be.


We challenge the conventional, we empower through practice, and we evolve continuously.


By choosing The Actor Rebellion, you're not just learning to act. You're joining a movement that believes in breaking barriers, fostering resilience, and nurturing raw talent into exceptional skill.

I'm a beginner
I'm working on becoming an actor
I'm a professional actor 
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Our training is recognised by Spotlight. Eligibility for membership requires successful completion of two years of part-time training at The Actor Rebellion.

The Actor Rebellion

Wrong Shoes Studio

Croft Sports Centre

Marlborough Lane




Tel: 07974 123 009


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Actors rehearsing a dramatic scene

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