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Intensive Actor Training 

Our Actor Accelerator Programme gives you everything you need to kickstart your acting career including a Spotlight membership referral. 

Actor training in theatre and screen

Kickstart your acting career with The Actor Rebellion's Actor Accelerator Programme. Tailored for aspiring actors of all ages, this programme is your ticket to mastering the skills and gaining the experience essential for success in theatre and screen.


Crafted by seasoned professionals including actors, directors, theatre makers, and filmmakers, our programme is designed to mold you into a dynamic, bold performer. We value risk-takers, collaborators, and innovators — qualities we believe are key to making it in the industry.

This comprehensive part-time programme is designed to refine your skills, boost your confidence, and prepare you for the professional world of acting. You'll engage in intensive training, work with industry professionals, and gain invaluable on-stage and screen experience. This programme is your alternative pathway to turning your acting aspirations into a career and there is no upper age limit. 

By the end of your journey, you'll not only have a wealth of knowledge and experience but also tangible assets to kickstart your career: a professionally filmed and edited showreel, professional headshots, and a referral to Spotlight.


"My time here has been incredible and has certainly elevated my love of acting while giving me the tools to be able to work in the industry."

Carl, Graduating student of 2023

What can I expect?


In the first year, you'll dive into weekly workshops during term times. Here, you'll train intensively alongside actors from our Gap Year programme, sharpening your instinct, honing your craft in a collaborative setting, and preparing for a showcase performance.


As you transition into year two, the focus shifts to acting for camera, with evening workshops every Tuesday and a weekend filming intensive. This phase is all about refining your skills and preparing you for the screen.


But that's not all. In year two, you'll also benefit from a choice between our Green Room or Rebel Action membership, giving you access to additional weekly scene study sessions or action training for the duration of the programme.

We also provide comprehensive career support with regular industry sessions from our professional team.

Throughout the programme students will have the opportunity to learn from high-profile professionals, working with the industry's biggest names.

Who should apply?


Our programme is for those aged 18+ who are passionate about forging a career in the performing arts. It's for the serious, the dedicated, the ones ready to dive into the world of acting.


We're looking for students who bring self-motivation, discipline, and a readiness to engage creatively and collaboratively. If you're driven and ready to commit, you're the kind of student we want.


To apply you must:

• Be 18 years old or over (no upper limit)

• Be able to commit to the full programme of training

• Have some previous acting experience or training


Admission onto the programme is subject to successful application and audition. There is no fee to audition.

Work and train at the same time

We have designed our programme so you can train whilst also managing your work or other study commitments.


The course is structured to provide weekly intensive actor training sessions at weekends and evenings.

It's never too late to start your acting journey

We welcome aspiring actors of all ages; there's no upper age limit here. Our focus is on nurturing talent, irrespective of when you start.

Prepare to launch your career

By the end of your journey, you'll not only have a wealth of knowledge and experience but also tangible assets to kickstart your career: a professionally filmed and edited showreel, professional headshots, and a referral to Spotlight.

Training that goes beyond acting

Our programme is designed to develop not just your acting skills, but also crucial career skills, audition techniques, and performance prowess.

Our curriculum includes a casting workshop led by a professional Casting Director, along with regular, intensive masterclasses from visiting industry professionals. These sessions cover a diverse range of disciplines, from motion capture, action and voice work to puppetry, theatre, screen and self-promotion skills.

Further develop your skills and network

In the second year of your journey, enjoy Green Room or Rebel Action membership. This grants you access to weekly scene study or action training sessions.

What's the time commitment?

Year 1 - Building Your Foundation:

In year 1 we have two training options


Option 1 (Weekends only)

Weekend training during term times, Sept-July. Saturdays, from 10am to 2pm with one extended Saturday specialist masterclass a month, from10am to 4pm.*

Option 2 (Split across evenings and weekends)

Evening training during term times, Sept-July. Mondays, from 7pm to 9.30pm with one Saturday specialist masterclass a month, from10am to 4pm.*

Focus: Core acting technique with specialist training.

Finale: Professional Showcase



Each session immerse yourself in comprehensive training designed to hone your acting skills.


September to March: Core acting technique, embedding an organic approach to rehearsal and performance, with regular masterclasses from visiting practitioners to deepen your understanding and skill set.


April to June: Transition into Showcase Rehearsals, where you'll apply everything you've learned into preparing for your final performance.


July: Showcase performance, a platform to exhibit your talent and hard work to an audience that includes industry professionals.

*Masterclass days and timings may vary but will be confirmed at the start of each term.

Year 2 - Advancing Your Career:


Training Hours: Up to 5 hours weekly training, Sept -April.

Focus: Acting for screen + optional action pathway.

Finale: Professional showreel and headshots



Weekly classes every Tuesday evening 7.30pm – 9.30pm during term times.

Plus training each week in scene study or action with Green Room or Rebel Action Membership.


September to January: Acting for screen & capture, industry guidance and workshops to set you on the path to your first casting.

February to April: Showreel rehearsals where you’ll work towards a high quality showreel and headshots to help you stand out to casting and agents.

April: Showreel intensive weekend filming and headshots

£5,540 in total for full programme
Interest free monthly payment plans available
£500 deposit + 20 monthly payments of £252

Part and full schlorships are available

Applications are currently OPEN for our training programmes starting September 2024


To apply for our next round of auditions, please complete and submit our application form and we will then send you an email confirming the next steps, what to prepare and dates for your audition.


The application deadline for our next round of auditions is Friday, 31at of May 2024 at 5pm. Auditions will be held throughout June and July. 


We are a 'zero audition fee school' so there are no fees to audition for this training programme.


The Actor Rebellion is located at Wrong Shoes Studio in Old Town, Swindon.

With free car parking and great public transport links from the Swindon train and bus stations, access is a breeze wherever you’re coming from.

Swindon is conveniently located on the M4 making it an ideal lcoation, especially if you're travelling from London, which is just an hour by train. Major cities like Bristol, Oxford, Bath, and Cheltenham are also conveniently close, with just a 30-45 minute commute.


Being in Swindon means you're in a fast-growing town that combines the buzz of urban life with the tranquility of the surrounding countryside. It's a great place to study, work and explore.


"This acting course is superb. Apart from first-class training, we have received a great deal of information and advice on entering the acting industry. I highly recommend it to anyone, whatever age, wanting to become a professional actor."

Nevil, Student of 2023/2024

Who we work with

Luke Marquez

Head of Acting

Hannah Marquez

Industry and Career

Tom Jordan

Head of Action

Danielle Lade

Industry and Resilience

Matt Cross

Animal Studies and Mo-Cap

Gemma Prangle


Danica Pickett


Shaun Prendergast

Audio & Shakespeare

Bee Daws


Rebecca Gausnell

Accent Work

Cheryl Stapleton

Commedia Dell'arte

Tamsin Collison

Audio Work

Harry Myers

Audio Work

Cathleen McCarron

Accent and Voice

Gurch Singh

Film Production

Sam Billy Lyon-Behan


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